Declaration of Independence

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The most important part of American history that I felt that inspired me the most is the Declaration of Independence. Our founding fathers took a chance and set forth legislation to govern for themselves and to beak away from their English rulers. They felt that the ruler ship of England violated their rights as freemen and that England had committed acts that many colonists believed violated their rights as English subjects, like the implication of the Navigation Act, Stamp Act, Tea Act and the Declaration Act. These acts made the colonist feel that they had no say-so in how they should be govern. Colonist tried many times to make peace with England and time and time again the English rulers ignored them. This set into play for the Colonist many different rebellions to get the English rulers to pay attention to their complaints, but these had no effect on the English rulers and set forth for the independence for the Colonies.

Two great events that made the colonist pursue this long road to independence from England. The first was the news that England had send hired Hessian soldiers to fight against the Colonies. This made the colonist very upset that England will send such people to loot and to cause chaos among its people. These acts along made the colonist feel that they could not trust the English rulers and that reconciliation was out of the Question.

The second event that pushed them towards independence was the publication of the "Common Sense" pamphlet by Thomas Paine. This pamphlet called for the complete and out front independence of the Colonies. In this pamphlet Paine attacked not only King George himself, but he attacked the thought of monarchy all together. Paine had pointed out that the Colonies...