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Table of Contents

I.Introp. 4-5

A.Scenario of Everyday Strugglesp. 4

B.What is Depressionp. 4

C.Overall Statisticsp. 4

D.Costsp. 5

II.Overview of Depressionp. 5-6

A.Major Depressionp. 5

1.General Informationp. 5

2.Treatmentp. 5

B.Dysthymic Depressionp. 5

1.General Informationp. 5

2.Treatmentp. 5

C.Depression Specific to Womenp. 6

1.Pregnancy/Major Depressionp. 6

2.Post Partum Depressionp. 6

3.Menopausep. 6

III.Specific Topic: Bipolar Depression/Manic Depressionp. 7-9

A.What is it?p. 7

B.Symptoms and Typesp. 7

1.Symptomsp. 7

2.Mixedp. 7

3.Rapid Cyclingp. 7

4.Type I or IIp. 7

C.Who does it affect?p. 7

1.Womenp. 7

2.Children/Adolescentp. 7-8

3.Elderlyp. 8

D.What causes it?p. 8

1.Chemicalp. 8

2.Otherp. 8

E.Diagnostic Evaluationp. 9

F.Treatmentp. 9

1. Access/Health Insurance Coveragep. 9

2. Medicationp. 9

3. Psychotherapyp. 9

IV.Conclusionp. 10

V.Bibliographyp. 11



Everyday millions of Americans wake up to a busy household, with screaming kids and a husband to feed, children to get dressed and off to school, and yourself to get ready all in one.

If not they wake up completely alone, with no one to comfort or take care of or hassle with, but none the less everyday millions of Americans wake up. It is not always a question of what we wake up to but how we feel ourselves when we do wake. Are we really what we should be or is there something different? Is this feeling of emptiness and hopelessness natural or is there something wrong? It is in this that we must face our darkest fear, not one of public speaking or death, but of life. Throughout the course of our lives, we all experience episodes of discontent, sorrow or grief. Most of us are able to cope with everyday events and other types of...