Describe the origins, developments and consequences of a current conflict.

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"Describe the origins, developments and consequences of a current conflict" -



It is very difficult to acquire information on current conflicts as books tend to be written many years after the conflict has been forgotten by the media. Usually it is not until this time that all the information becomes available and the real truth is reported. For this reason I have decided to look back in history in an attempt to build a complete picture of problems with which Algeria has had to cope and decide if I would describe them as an oppressed nation.

The main body being the development stage of this project will be made up of history, showing the year and the major events of that time. The final decade to be more detailed, should adequate information be available, as this will be the current era.

The final section, the conclusion, will be the subjective component where arguments and opinions will be raised.


1830The French invaded Algeria, thought to be cheap glory for the monarchy which succeeded Bonaparte. The Turkish garrison there was deported to Istanbul, the western hinterland showed greater resistance led by Abdul al-Qadir.

After conquering Algeria in 1830 there was no hesitation in taking the farmland for the settlers, who were French or European, wherever there was good water and farmland the French parliament advised that "Settlers must be installed without questioning whose land it may be".

1847Qadir's army of 5,000 men having better muskets than the oppressors, it took heavy conflict by 108,000 to finally overcome them.

1857The French took Kabylia with exceptionally destructive conquest, the complete colony was then governed as 3 departments of France.

1877The settler population now around 480,000 having doubled over the past 20 years, during this time several hundred thousand Muslims died from...