Development of Biological Engineering

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During the era of industralization, there was a great overturn in the society. Some people readily welcomed it, while others rejected the change. Nevertheless, the industralization gradually gained its firm foothold. Regardless of the environmental problem it caused, industralization is marked as an absolutely crucial development in the history. In the case of biological engineering, I believe it is the same. As society generally tends to move in a evolutionary way, complete resistance to it would be unacceptable.

Every development in history has had a contradicting set of values. While people enjoyed a vast increase in economic productivity from industralization, they also had to suffer from pollution which has not been solved to this day. While Alfred Nobel's dynamite greatly benefited the mining industry, it also served as a deadly weapon that claimed the lives of thousands of people. However, I believe that it is utterly unsound to eschew progress on account of its side effects.

Rather, we should make a pronounced effort at minimizing them in every possible way; by increasing the public recognization, by passing laws that could legally regulate practices that violate the basic values of mankinds, and by properly conditioning the social atmosphere so as to make progress feasible.

The development of biological engineering would bring sensational benefits to mankind. which would be quite different from those achieved from precedential developments. In the medical field, the adaptation of genetic engineering would enable doctors to prevent the patients from getting infected with certain diseases, by identifying abnormal genes in his or her gene map. Taking into consideration that proteins are synthesized from genes, engineering them would rectify curing the core cause of the disease. especially, it could show its significance in the genetic diseases that are inherited from the precedent generation. More specifically, the influx of biologically-engineered...