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David Hopper

ENGL 1101

Class Term Paper

March 29, 2003

An Introduction to Law Enforcement and Police Explorers

Law Enforcement or Police Exploring is a subcategory of the Learning for Life Program, which is a division of the Boy Scouts of America. The program sponsored locally by law enforcement agencies and is open to either male or female youths age 14 to 21 years (Hess 154). The program, geared around law enforcement, gives youth self-confidence, discipline, and a feeling of community involvement. The youths are trained in all aspects of law enforcement, including traffic stops, domestic crisis, SWAT operations, firearm safety, arrest procedures, crime in progress, radio procedures, and almost all other aspects of police related activities (Exploring 1). Exploring is a community policing program centered on getting youths off the streets and limiting their free time. Youths that are actually interested in careers in law enforcement get two fold benefits from the program as they actually are able to see what it is like to be a cop.

Foremost, explorers are not cops, and have no authority in these matters, this is important for youths to realize, as there have been deaths related overzealous youths thinking they will be heroes and walking into situations in which they were not prepared nor allowed to handle (Shipp 1). However, this type of stupidity from youths is very uncommon, and exploring as a whole is still a very positive activity, both for the community, the police, and the youths involved.

Law Enforcement Exploring offers benefits not only to the youths participating but also to the community they serve and the law enforcement agency that serves them. The agencies that sponsor posts know what kind of training that the youths are receiving and monitor that training in all stages from classroom learning to...