The Dirty Player. Should US go to war with Iraq once more?

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The Ying-Yang theory of "where there is up there is down, where there is left there is right, where there is cold there is heat" was demonstrated in the 1990's when Desert Storm broke out between Iraq and United States. Saddam Hussein, president of Iraq, dangerously invaded Kuwait because of its richness in oil resource. US offered aid to the Kuwait because of the wicked deeds of Hussein and growing threats for the unfortunate Kuwaiti citizens. A decade later, Hussein has been making noise with his latest buzz of developing weapons of mass destruction. Is Hussein hiding something? Being a skillful gamer of "hide and seek," Hussein can easily mislead the inspectors to their investigation. Colin Powell, US Secretary of State, has evidence proving Hussein's illicit action. Pieces of evidence have been provided to his wrongdoing and should be the guiding facts to attack the aggressive Iraqi's even though he has not yet been proven guilty.

Iraq has been deceiving the world ever since they withdrew from the 1991 agreement allowing the United Nation weapons inspector to inspect whether they have chemical, biological or nuclear weapons. Mohammed Aldouri, Iraq's UN ambassador, pointed out that the US has made baseless accusations. What about the seized ship full of nuclear supplies and the turnabout of weapons inspectors to allow them once again to inspect but with limited jurisdiction, wouldn't that be an indication that something is not right? Speculation has it that Iraq has been doing business with al-Qaeda because they shared the same goal, which is retribution. Powell said that Abu Mussab Zarqawi, associate of Osama bin Laden, have been traveling back and forth in Iraq and been using northeast Iraq as a training camp. With the UN's limited control over the inspection, an Iraqi can be easily trained...