Discovering What Social Class Means

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Schultz 1

Drew Schultz

Mrs. Hunt

SPED 321

20 October 2014

Observation of the Student

I observed my student in a general education classroom setting and in a physical education classroom setting. The tone of the general education classroom was one that was warm and welcoming but there was also a sense of obedience in the air as well. As the students are in seventh grade, they are expected to stay on task and do most things of their own tasks without having to be told to do so. The physical education class was set up in an environment that allowed all the students to participate. The teacher had a fun overtone to his class but the students also knew the rules for appropriate behavior.

The arrangement of the general education class was one that was set up for the students and for the teacher to be able to move about easily.

I feel that the teacher decided on this arrangement because it allowed for her to answer students questions more easily and in a faster fashion and it also allowed the students to feel like they were not cramped and on top of one another. Through my observations I can tell that the teachers arrangement has a positive effect on the students and their learning abilities. The physical education class was set up in a way that allowed the students to learn with ease and for the teacher to be able to keep an eye on every student and their progress. By having the class set up for entire participation the instruction the students gain from the arrangement is beneficial for their learning.

My case study student, during general education, volunteer's comments that sometimes either have nothing to do with the lesson or sometimes do. Some of his...