Discuss how the framers created a strong government limiting its own powers and those of the people.

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When the framers created the constitution, they created a division of powers that where divided between National, State and local government. This helps more people to get represented by the government and brings government closer to people, it also limit's the power of government and they protect people by creating the "Bill of Rights". Some of the constitution principles was the idea that people have the right to vote, also that government has the consent of the govern, having a limited government, and the separation of powers

Every branch of the government has limited powers, the delegated powers are powers given to the National Government and they are found on the constitution on article 1, section 8. They are 3 types of delegated powers: the express powers are those that are listed on the constitution, the imply powers are those that are not listed on the constitution but they are based on the elastic clause "congress can do what is necessary and proper for the well of the nation", and the imperative power that it says that only national government is capable of dealing with this problems.

The powers of the state and national government are separated, the reserved powers are those that belong only to the states and the concurrent powers are those that belong to both state and national government. The powers of branches are also separated and that the powers of each branch limit's the power of the other branches. There are 3 branches: the executive branch, the legislative branch and the judicial branch.

The executive branch can limit the powers of the other branches by either appealing to the people, recommending legislation to congress, call for a special session of congress or the president can vito, the executives also appoints members to the government, appoint judges...