This discussion is about our problems with government and what needs to be done about it.

Essay by NetHawk9High School, 11th grade December 2003

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In current day America we a facing some truly devastating weaknesses that have greatly expanded over the past years and continue to rise each day. "America the Invincible" as some spoke of it, now has many weaknesses due to a lack of leadership and wisdom of our government officials. Since the 9-11 attack many American's have questioned the true security of America. Why were we attacked? Why are we going to waste human lives on political problems? Why has the government taken away so many of our rights? This is America the free! Right? These questions are just but a splinter to the minds of we Americans. America's weakness is political, more so than the lack of motivation of its people.

America now finds out what the real purpose of our government is. So far Government has been nothing but crook's, pocketing money that we Americans work hard to earn.

Schools and states are requesting more money, gas prices go up, taxes go up, the constitution gets altered and rights get taken away more each month, WE ARE GETTING ROBBED BLIND and barely anybody realizes it. California is going bottoms up; we have limited rights here. There is a law for everything; you cannot exist without breaking some law. There are people that do not work and are paid by taxes we the working class earn. What is the purpose of this government? We need to change our leaders in order to continue with our American lives, freely.

America still has strengths but will not last long if used in the wrong manner. Our military ever since 9-11 has grown in numbers and in strength. That shows that we still have great patriotism in America. If it were not for our troops, we would be nothing. And...