Diseases as a Reflection of the Psyche

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Wanting to know whether or not the human brain has

the power to cure the body of illness, I set out to

find an article with some cold hard facts. This

article, written by Marcia Angell, Ph.D., elaborates on

the subject of the connection between mental state and


The belief that there is a connection between

mental and physical health is apparent in the article.

It signifies that if a person is in a positive frame of

mind, active and content, then they are physically

healthy and have the ability to ward off many

illnesses. However, in the event the person is in a

deep state of depression, inactive, or despondent, then

their body reacts in a way as to give up and allows

sickness to invade their immune system. The ability to

control ones' physical status is possible, however only

to a certain extent.

One has to be realistic and not

assume that the mind can cure a terminal illness or one

of congenital defect, or can it? These beliefs

coincide with the philosophies of monism, the mind and

body working as one, and the Grand Unification Theory,

the joining together of mind and body in an organ

called the brain. I personally believe the mind can

influence ones' body. My opinion stems from my

discipline acquired in the martial arts. I can employ

the use of my mind to block out or ignore moderate

amounts of pain. Therefore I believe the mind has some

definite control over the body and its functions as a

healer. I therefore agree with Marcia Angel in

believing that positive thoughts and concentration will

result in a healthy body, while negative thoughts will

elicit detrimental effects. There is a vast amount of...