To Dissect or Not To Dissect

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Animal dissection, which was first used in classrooms in the early part of the last century, is still being used in most schools. In recent years, dissection has been increasingly scrutinized. Animal activist groups, such as People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have actively tried very hard to ban dissections in the classroom. Many agree with animal activist groups, others think it should be the students' option, and some think that it should not be banned. Others like Christina Blakie, a biology teacher at Central Crossing High School, do not like the idea of anything educational being banned because it deprives kids of an educational experience (February 12, 2004). I concur with Ms. Blakie. I strongly believe that dissection in the classroom shouldn't be banned but I also have some rules that I think should go into place in order for dissection to stay in the classroom.

I have always loved dissecting but prior to dissecting I like to know where the organism came from.

Most of the organisms I have dissected have come from Carolina Biological Company. They are one of the largest suppliers of dissection supplies and well known by many. PETA alleges that Carolina Biological kills these organisms in ruthless ways, such as putting them into gas chambers and injecting formaldehyde into their veins (Cut Out Dissection, 2). I do not believe PETA because Carolina Biological Company is such a well-known company that if something like that was going on the government would know. Even if the government did not know before PETA's accusations then they definitely would have investigated after they heard PETA's accusations.

This was found to be true after talking to Keith Barker, a Carolina Biological Company employee. He told me that they got their animals from government shelters. These were animals...