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Diversity Creates Dimension In Our World Philosopher Jerome Nathanson once said that, "The price of the democratic way of life is a growing appreciation of people's differences, not merely as tolerable, but as the essence of a rich and rewarding human experience." These words hone in on the philosophy that, diversity creates dimension in our world.

Our world has been growing and growing for centuries now, yet people, especially in 1999, sometimes fail to realize the importance of diversity. Not just cultural, race, or gender diversity, but the diversity of ideas as well. There is a marketplace of ideas that exists that can only be tapped by realizing and honoring the differences we all have with each other. In order to understand how this marketplaces works, two main points must be addressed: discovery and respect. If we were to look at Christopher Columbus, who sought treasures such as silk, tea, and spices, we will see that he knew even then, that different people around the world are all good at different things.

As such, he traveled and discovered that which he sought after in the Americas. This discovery created a new dimension to both civilizations as they both could mutual be successful in the relationship as buyer and seller. The problem was that Europeans did not respect the Native Americans as people and denied their worth away from their products.

This leads to the second point; respect. In order to keep the world diversified and to maintain a learning environment, we must respect people not only for what they can do for us, but as people. This respect for people keeps us strong and lets us understand the true nature of diversity, which as Mr. Nathanson said, "Is a growing appreciation of people's differences."