Diversity in films.

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Diversity in films is obvious . Its the difference in the way we see the film. It can either be funny, sad, realistic, scary or many genres in one. Such as Trainspotting. Its funny, its realistic and its also sad in a sense to see people doing this to themselves. This point is made stronger by the fact that there is a baby put in the middle of this situation. The baby is helpless and therefore cant do anything for its position, and we therefore feel sorry for it. Other British films that have been about the same genre such as Lock Stock and two Smoking Barrels and Get Carter which are both British gangster films may not have such an obvious difference, but when looked at in detail we see they are very different. The narrative for instance in Lock Stock is omniscient, meaning that the story does not come from one single source, but many so we know all that is going on.

Whereas in Get Carter the narrative is restricted, so it only comes from one source, and we only know what he knows, so we come personalised to him.

The main diversity in British films can be seen from the time they were made. Representation of race in films like East is East is very powerful. All the key characters (except for one) are all Asian and dominate the film. But in Get Carter there is not many (if any) Black or Asian people in the film. This is because now people from ethnic minorities are now more wholly accepted in today's society whereas 20 years ago there was still a lot of racism going down in England. Also masculinity in British films changed. In get Carter...