Dna Sequencing Of Cancer Genes

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3Abstract �

3Introduction �

4DNA Sequencing �

51. Sanger Dideoxy Sequencing �

52. Fluorescent Sequencing �

63. Circle Sequencing �

7Current Scenario �

9Improving Efficiency of DNA Sequencing �

91. Computerized Analysis �

112. Parallel Algorithm �

11A. Algorithm for finding strong feature gene sets �

12B. Parallel Solution �

12C.Molecular Genetics �

13D. Molecular Epigenetics �

14Quality Assurance and Standards �

141. Report Writing �

152. Storage and Confidentiality �

173. International Co-Operation �

184. Government Regulation of Genetic Testing �

19Knowledge Repositories �

191. National Institute of Health �

202. Breast Tumor Bank �

203. Cancer Tissue Bank �

21Conclusion �

22Reference �



The DNA testing of BRCA1 and BRCA2 are considered to be one of the most important testing in healthcare as it can be used to predict the existence of cancer. In this paper, the current issues involved in such testing were discussed.

Then various solutions were discussed for some of those problems. Computerized analysis, parallel algorithm and statistical methods were explained in detail. These techniques are supposed to improve the efficiency of the testing. Also the various standardization and regulation issues were discussed. The repositories for DNA testing are very inadequate in the present condition and the solutions for such repositories were also explained in detail.


The introduction of DNA sampling has opened a new era in bio technology. Modern DNA sequencing techniques are being employed for huge number of applications. In medicine and forensic science, DNA sequencing plays a major role. It is useful in all research studies about living organisms as it can provide good heritable information. Genetic testing of BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes are very useful in predicting cancer. With the advent of such low cost testing, the medical field...