Do UFO's really exist??? This essay is an arguement over whether UFO's exist or not. I sided on the, "yes, they do exist" side. I hope this is helpful to you!

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Can you imagine yourself on a warm Friday night in mid-summer,

sitting on your boyfriend or girlfriends couch innocently watching the

newest Hi-fi release from Blockbuster. As the movie gets going, and the

alien form abducts it's victim and takes it off into space, you think to

yourself how ridiculous it is for you to be watching this type of movie,

because you know that this situation could never occur in real life.

However, you keep watching because for some reason or another, the

plot fascinates you. You keep watching for about twenty more minutes,

but then soon start to loose interest in the movie. But then, all of a

sudden, you yourself are swept away from the couch which you were

sitting on, and taken into the stars by what scientists call an Unidentified

Flying Object, or UFO. Well, some people have claimed that they have

been in the situation which I have just stated.

The most popular and appealing notion about UFO's is the

extraterrestrial hypothesis, that is, the idea that intelligent beings from

other planets are visiting Earth. Allthough some people believe that the

ideas of aliens and UFO's are completely insane and should be

disreguarded, others believe that the possibility of other forms of life, on

other plants, is a definite possibility and should be further explored.

Personally, I believe that aliens and UFO's do exist for many reasons.

In the universe, there are trillions of stars and galaxies, many like

our own. Several of these plants have been tested and are capable of

having life, due to the weather and environmental conditions. The bad

part is that we can only view a very small fraction of this huge universe.

One Rand Corporation study, for example, produced a figure of 600

million planets in the Milky Way galaxy capable of supporting intelligent

life. More conservative analyses have produced a figure of 10 million

habitable planets and a figure of 4.5 million planets on which sufficient

time has elapsed for life to have evolved to intelligence.

There have been several UFO sightings in which could not be

explained by today's scientists. One of the many examples of this is

Project Twinkle. Project Twinkle was a highly secret study of objects

that appeared to be green fireballs that were spotted on numerous

occasions in New Mexico in the late 1940's. One of the first recorded

spottings was by a piolate of an airplane. He claimed that he saw a green

glow in the distance, but then it rapidly began to accelerate towards the

plane, and move in a way which he had never seen anything such as a jet

move before.

As the object moved closer, the piolit saw that it had a shiney, flat

surface. However, before he could get a better view, the UFO suddenly

flew back off into the distance, and could no longer be seen. Several

other eye witnesses also gave their testimonies on their seeings of the

UFO's. The Air Force put together a permanent project to study these

specific UFO's, in hoping that they could discover what they really were.

At first, they UFO's were thought to be a trick that Russia was

playing on us, and they thought that the UFO's were other planes or

meteors. That area of New Mexico was also known as a missle testing

area as well, so the green fireballs were thought by some people as

missles that accidentally went off. But after putting all of the evidence

and calculations together, the top officials of the investigations realized

that they had no logical explanation for what the UFO's really were, so

they concluded that the green balls were just odly-colored meteors,

although there were several people who found these calculations

impossible because of the conditions.

Another case of UFO's and aliens that could not be explained

took place on a redneck families property in Kentucky several years ago.

The family was sitting on their proch one night haveing a small get

together which consisted of about seven people. As two of the men

were arguing, the youngest boy noticed a glow comming from the corner

of their pasture, about one forth of a mile away. At first, the adults took

no notice to this, but then they too saw the glow, and saw that it

gradually would get bigger, then fade away.

The owner of the house and his brother got their guns, and began

to walk out to the pasture to see what the strange light really was. When

they got about fifty feet away from the house, the man and his brother

saw a strange figure in a tree on their way out. As they walked closer,

the figure reportedly stood up, alowing the men to see a clear view of its

form. The men described the creature as about four feet tall with an

abnormally large head, and arms that hung down past it's knees,

practically touching where it was standing.

The men shot at the alien, knocking it from the tree. However, it

got up an walked away, aparentally unharmed. The men ran back to the

house, telling their wives and children to stay inside. They then heard a

sound on the roof, and went back outside to the porch, saw the alien on

the roof, and shot it again; once again, not harming it. This time the

creature was so close that the eyewitnesses could see that it was made of

a shiney metalic looking material, and as it ran away, slowly, it looked as

if it used its arms to guide it.

The alien was reported seen several other times that night, a few

times in the kitchen and bedroom windows, and a few times in different

places in the yard. The next day, the family went in town and reported

what had happened, and in no time, investigators were allready at their


Allthough no foot prints of any sort were found, there were marks

where the creature had fallen from the tree, and a spot of burnt grass out

where the glow of light had origionally been seen. Some investigators

said that the family, being one that lived in isolation in the middle of no

where, could have just wanted attention and arranged the 'alien

encounter' themsleves. However, no real conclusion was drawn from this


Another piece of evidence that UFO's could exist is the fact that

people have been "abducted" before. One case of this refers to an 18 yr

old boy in Europe who had an episode of missing time and related

sightings of several disc like crafts over many years of his life. He told his

doctor everything he could remember in great detail, and the doctor

reported that everything he said was from conscious memory.

The boy told that doctor that his adventures were "dream-like,"

but yet they seemed so real. In some of his adventures, the boy claimed

that sometimes he would be flying, so fast, through time. He claimed that

the feeling was magnificant and after each trip, he would always look

forward to it again.

In another case, a girl reported that she could remember aliens

abducting her as young as the age of 2. She said that she could remember

then laying her out on a table, and doing painful things to her. One

example she gave was that they tried to take her eye ball out, and now, at

a much older age, she has cataracs, and blames that aliens for causing it.

In both of those alien abduction cases, there was some physical

evidence that something had happened to the people. Strange markings

would appear on their bodies. This came in the form of skin changes that

appeared overnight. They would go to bed without marks on their skin

and the next morning would awaken to the startling realization that some

unknown force had effected his or her skin. There were evidence of

injuries that appeared as burns, others that were in the form of dots

forming various patterns such as triangles, squares, rectangles or other

geometric patterns.

To most of us, the idea that some people have actually been taken

over by aliens just seems like some unrealistic Si-Fi movie, which could

never happen to us. But think to youself: God created the universe, and

us along with it. Why would he only create one type of people who are

capable of intellegence, when he himself is capable of creating anything?

We human beings are only able to abserve a very small portion of the sky,

and have no idea what lays beond the borders. I encourage everyone to

be open minded when the questions of extraterrestial life comes to

conversation, and consider all that we know, and do not know, when

making you decision on what you think is true.