What Do You Put On Your Ice?

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What Do You Put On Your Ice?

By Ben Flick


Which substance will melt the ice cube faster either; Country Time Lemonade, Fruit Punch, Hot Chocolate, Iodized Salt, or the control?


I think that the Iodized Salt will melt the ice cube first because of the Iodide ( a salt of hydriodic acid) and nothing will melt it last.


Ice Cube Volume(in centiliters): 1265.65 per ice cube

Cup Radius: 1 ½ inches

Room Temperature: 70 degrees


1. Pour 1 tablespoon of the powder into the cup (one ingredient per glass).

2. Place the ice cube inside the cup on top of the powder.

3 . Pour 1 more tablespoon of powder on top of the ice cube.

4 . Begin the timing process.

5. Shake every once in a while so the ice cube is always covered in the powder.


1. Country Time Lemonade Mix

2. Fruit Punch Mix (Gatorade)

3. Hot Chocolate Mix

4. Iodized Salt

5. Control


Length * Width * Height = Volume

Results (in minutes)

1. Iodized Salt 29

2. Country Time Lemonade 36

3. Nothing 50

4. Hot Chocolate 63

5. Fruit Punch 70


The salt seemed to mold around the ice cube. The rest would just turn to liquid and slide off. The results are like this because these were the most acidic products which I used (iodized salt and lemonade).

As you can see the Iodized Salt melted the fastest, but it came as a surprise to me that nothing came in third place. I think when the ice cube melted it turned the Hot Chocolate and Fruit Punch into a small portion of liquid that kept the ice at a cooler temperature. If I were to do this experiment again I would have...