Do you worship celebrities?

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According to a recent research conducted in the United States on more than 600 people, it is found that one in three people are more or less celebrity worshipers. No doubt the proportion could be higher among young people.

Is it good for young people to be celebrity worshipers? From my viewpoint, it isn't a question so simple that can be answered with yes or no. It is directly connected to the way that young people show their respect to celebrities.

Generally, there are three different kinds of worshipers among young people. One is for entertainment. This kind of worship is often referred to as entertainment social celebrity worship. The goal of this worship is mainly to find out interesting topics about celebrities. The second is intense personal celebrity worship. It describes the worship of those young people who get too obsessed with celebrities. They often can not separate fantasy from reality, and consider their favorite celebrity to be their soul mates.

The third is the most intense celebrity worship that can be marked by criminal or dangerous behavior. These people start acting on delusions that they have a close, personal connection with their celebrities. Young people with this worship are often found with mental problems.

Judging from the features of these worships, we can see that the first kind of worship can be a healthy one. On the basis of some research findings, this worship will not cause worshipers to move emotionally away from their parents, while the next two celebrity worships will produce an emotional gap between the worships and their parents and even their peers. So the last two worships are unhealthy ones.

Certainly we can also define different worships by other categories. However, only positive celebrity worships will help us have a meaningful life, overcome physical...