Does being rich and famous affect the verdict ?

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Does being rich and famous affect verdict? Well in some cases it does affect and in some it does not affect the verdict. Some people would ask "How does it affect?" it could affect the verdict by turning around to the defendant, like instead of the accused the defendant could be sent to jail or the accused can pay the penalty money.

The famous Essendon Bomber tagger Damien Peverill and Full-back Dustin Fletcher has been reported that they had pushed the Brisbane Lion doctor Paul McConnell to the ground while in the football match. Well they are rich and famous but this did not affect the verdict of the AFL tribunal. This indicates that even if we are rich or famous we will get punished over what we did. Brisbane Lions were privately furious after being fined $2000 over the "unnecessary and inflammatory" action of Dr Paul McConnell at a game against Essendon he got fined because McConnell had grabbed Peverill's jumper as he tried to get past Peverill to attend to Lions player Anthony Corrie, who lay prostrate after a collision with Essendon full-back Dustin Fletcher.

e. Same as in Michael Jackson's case, him being rich and famous did not affect the verdict of the jury.

Michael Jackson got fined of dangling his youngest child from his hotel balcony (Fourth Floor) in Germany. Michael Jackson is rich but the verdict did not change for him he got fined 21 million dollars. Him being rich and famous made world know about him dangling is youngest child from the balcony. Because Michael Jackson is famous, him dangling his youngest child from the balcony made the whole world knows about it. Now Michael Jackson Regrets that he did the "Balcony Seen". "I made a terrible mistake," he said in a written statement.