What does government regulate?

Essay by dwm December 2005

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Government regulates the library in a positive way by enforcing the no gun or weapons law, I don't think there is anything negative about the government regulating tha public libraries.

Government also regulates the school district, also in very positive ways it keeps the no weapons of harassment rule which keeps kids feeling safe a protected. There is nothing bad about regulations at school unless you are the one getting in trouble for harrassment.

Flying in planes is regulated by the government to keep people safe and protected, they have the detectors to see if there are any unsafe prohibited items being carried on board, and they also have security to make sure everything goes well in the airport. The negatives of this are that going to the airport takes forever, but I guess if it's for safety than you can't really complain.

The museum is government regulated to keep historical facts safe.

They enforce security and other personnel to watch over these artifacts. There is no downside to protecting our history.

I have noticed that all these things really in reality don't have a negative effect at all. They are all purposely protected to maintain a safe environment for everyone.