Does Society Gives Us Values

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People will consider a lie of any kind to be immoral, but I think it is a gray area when it comes to a white lie. When you have kids you tell there is a Santa Clause, Easter Bunny, or even the tooth fairy, you are bending the truth for the purpose of making them happy and stretching their imagination. Sometimes lying can be more of an ethical response to a particular conflict. For example, if your other half or really close friend asks you, how do I look in a new outfit he or she is wearing? One might be compelled to bend the truth not to offend or hurt the feelings of one that matters to you. Although, absolute moral rules such as "never lie' might be the ethical approach you support, if white lies help to influence good relationships and protect others then lying could be the ethical thing to do after all.

The fact that prostitution is judged as morally wrong comes from moral feelings that believes certain behaviors as slowly worsening and others as being reproductive. Persons involved in prostitution must look critically at what they are doing in terms of being reproductive or creating worst behavior. If prostitution is causing a negative effect on values and attitudes, moral concern might be legitimate. If it is a positive situation leading to personal growth, as a common rule, then people ought to give their attentions to other aspects of potentially negative behavior in society. For instance, the intake of wine at social gatherings seems fairly productive up to a certain point. When intake becomes often and obsessive it can encourage a series of unfavorable changes in behavior that can completely change the person. Alcohol addiction changes a person's behavior drastically. For some people...