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In this day and age a family is no longer considered a traditional married couple with children. In today's society there are many variations of family's, which can include married couples and non-married couples who are cohabitating. According to ("How to Achieve Domestic", n.d.) "Only 25 percent of the nations households fit the traditional definition, meanwhile the number of unmarried households in the nation is growing"(p.4). Because, the definition of couples has changed there are 211 fortune 500 companies offering domestic partner benefits to its employee's. Among these companies are: General Motors, Ford Corporation, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Coca Cola and Disney. With major players in their industries like these leading the way, domestic partner benefits are becoming more and more available in all industries. When a company decides to offer domestic partner benefits they must remember to define the benefits, to consider implementation and to review the requirements.


A domestic partner is defined as any unmarried couple, male or female same or

opposite sex, living in the same residence sharing a life and all life's responsibilities.


Mary Beth Hamilton (2002) states "Plan sponsors usually define domestic partners as

unmarried adult couples who live together, are in an exclusive relationship for an

extended period of time, and take mutual responsibility for each other's welfare and/or

living expenses" (para 7). There are perks to companies offering domestic partner

benefits. When a company offers domestic partner benefits, they are allowing the

partner of an unmarried employee to be eligible for all benefits available to the spouse of

a married employee. These benefits can include: medical, dental, disability and life

insurance, family and bereavement leave, education and tuition reimbursement, credit

union memberships, relocation and travel expenses, and inclusion of partners in company

events. However, one benefit that is still not...