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Essay 1

In the novel, Don Quixote by Miguel De Cervantes, Cervantes is able to depict a great character by the name of Don Quixote. In his novel, Cervantes forms a tremendous character that teaches the readers many lessons such as courtesy, good behavior, enthusiasm, good leadership skills and much more. Although he teaches many lessons, we only come to realize that after reading and analyzing the novel in its entirety. But throughout the reading, the audience gets a sense of madness and insanity evoking from Don Quixote's character. This is for the reason that Quixote is completely mentally detached from the real world and creates his own world through implementing his readings on knighthood. He sets off on many adventures along with his squire Sancho in the name of his illusory Dulcinea del Toboso. Quixote hopes to right wrongs and bring back justice to the world. Although he means well and has good intentions, the society he lives in rejects him and sees him as insane. He holds tight onto his values and what he believes in no matter how tough things get. Even when he's beaten terribly, he continues and persists throughout the journey he vowed to take on. From this we learn many lessons about strong will power, excellent leadership skills, courtesy when dealing with all types of people and taking pride in what you do no matter what the world thinks of you. This essay will explain what Cervante's novel shows about pride.

Don Quixote is a great character for who he is. He takes pride in what he believes in and completely disregards what people think of him. One of the incidents that elicit the pride Quixote carries is in the very beginning of...