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For decades there has been an ongoing battle between the democrats and the republicans for office. Both political parties want what they think is best for America and its people. Both sides have their own ideas, plans or strategies to accomplish their goals. Although the end result may be the same, what they plan to do to get to the end result may be totally different. In the end though, I believe the democrats plan of action on the military, economy and environment are far superior to that of the republicans.

First, the democrat's plan on the military rely on allies while the republicans think that the American military can do whatever it wants all by itself with no help from others. Throughout history many wars have been fought and none of them was ever won without alliances. The republicans have this outlook on it like "we don't need anyone's help, we can do it ourselves" tough guy attitude.

On the other hand, the democrats realize that the combined intelligence, resources and forces of other countries could minimize casualties and other losses.

Not only are the military plans of the democrats better than the republicans but what they plan to do about the economy makes more sense as well. One way the democrats would help the economy is let America's allies have a bigger part in the current war on terrorism. The end result of that would be much less spending on the military and more money spent on education, healthcare or any other program that needs money. The republicans on the other hand don't seem to mind spending a large sum of money amassing a huge army and sustaining it. Another way the democrats will help the economy is by strengthening the middle class. Although both the democrats...