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A Parable from the book


By Dr. Prasad Sundararajan

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Sushant Saurav



Double is a process as well as the output of the process. One of the attribute of this word double is that this word defines itself in almost all the aspects.

Double provides with a new Idea which talks about the source or locus of control by which human beings undergoes entelechy. Entelechy, as a word coined by Aristotle, is the state of something that is fully realized; actuality as opposed to potentiality. It signifies the importance of "doing" rather than knowing. Without it, the functions or "doing" of everything will be incomplete or impossible.

By doing something you become the double of that. When you do something which is beyond the execution level of that particular deed may be to a extra ordinary and higher levels, you tend to generate linkage, awareness or some relations beyond that work.

The double-ness of the universe is the Double being present in every entity. Every action has to be repeated, duplicated to attain, achieve a higher complex and functional result. Be it duplication of cell division, or duplication of Atoms, positioning of bricks duplicated to form buildings. So, the core functions of the Double-of -universe is duplicated for existence, survival and sustenance by variation, intention and link aging.

Double is double, due to its positioning. From one side it is representation of the universe and from other of the live entity which it is attached with. The original does exists but in a different way. It's the Double that actually facilitates the "knowing ", "doing "and "being ". Double exists exactly in knowledge or language that coexists in consciousness.

All our intelligence, knowledge is mere a duplication of available...