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Drama Essay

Question 8 - You have been appointed to the role of dramaturge in your theatre company working on one of the set texts with a specific brief to research the dramatic conventions appropriate to the play.

The role of the dramaturge is to research and development a play, collaborating with all acting, directing and design elements of the performance so as to enhance the plays main context/styles/themes. Caryl Churchill's play Mad Forest takes place in Romania during the 1980's, depicting the life of Romania's under the oppression of the Communist Ceausescu regime that had ruled since 1965 and conveys such themes as Communist oppression, family relationships and hope. The context of the play very much lends itself to the conventions of Bertolt Brecht's Epic Theatre, and it is these conventions that I will incorporate into Mad Forest in order to produce a polemical performance of political relevance.

First, I will brief all actors and non-actors involved with the performance on my interpretation of the key dramatic conventions of the text. With a small section of the play, scenes 4, 5 and 6, I will present a description of the dramatic conventions used in these, and how this could change the emphasis of the production for actors, directors and designers, and ultimately influence the audience's perception of these scenes, and make this production of Mad Forest compelling and true to its style.

There are several primary dramatic conventions that I feel are strongly applicable to this performance, which will contribute to the audience's enjoyment and education. Firstly, a typical convention of epic theatre is that of breaking the Fourth Wall, and directly addressing the audience. The play has a section of monologues, in which "Romanian's speak to us [the audience]… Each behaves as if the others are...