Drama scene. 4 people acting. Very interesting piece of work. Only for the VERY creative.

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Music: "Come Out, Come out Wherever you are..."

Setting: A room with a bed, presumably a bedroom - Dorothy in night attire, desperate

(lights in)

Wizard as Munchkin: (taking a fit) Four feet, one and a half inches is not short! (grumbles under Dorothy)

Dorothy: (impatient) I wasn't trying to insult you. I just want to know how you got in!

Wizard as Munchkin: (not listening) I'm the tallest one around! (grumbling continues)

Dorothy: I really don't want to argue - I just want your help...

Wizard as Munchkin: (interrupting) I'm not listening....

Dorothy: Look, I'm sorry. Please just come out so we can talk reasonably!

Wizard as Munchkin: (continues humming)

Dorothy: I had the worst sleep and you're really not helping the situation.

Wizard as Munchkin: I'm not here to help you, silly. Especially not after you insulted me!

Dorothy: I'll do anything -

Wizard as Glenda: ...even

take off your slippers, Dorothy?

Dorothy: (looks wildly around) What? Who's there?

Wizard as Glenda: Would you even give back my sister's slippers, Dorothy?

Dorothy: (looks down at feet, confused) I don't know what you're talking about. (pause) And what happened to...

Wizard as Glenda: (mocking) It's okay Dorothy. I'll let you keep them. They won't benefit you now anyway.

Dorothy: I never thought that [they would]... Take your goddamn shoes! (flings them across the room)

Wizard as Glenda: Do not snap at me, my child. I have only been helpful. It was you who got yourself into this unfortunate circumstance.

Dorothy: I don't know who you are or how you've been helpful at all but...

Wizard as Glenda: (interrupting) How could you act so ignorant in the midst of such purity, Dorothy? You know that nothing goes unnoticed.

Dorothy: If you're so pure, then you'll...