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Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales were organized diversity of occupation, character and dress. The way in which stock characters are used to attempt to defeat family difficulties can be explored in She Stoops to Conquer by Oliver Goldsmith. The pair of young lovers CO-OPERATE together toward this end.

In old days and nowadays we dress nicely to impress others. In old days like Chaucerian and Restoration period, dress used to reflect their class. Better dress meant higher class, usually. So dress had meanings more than showing off the wealth of people. Of course, rich people had better dress as in these days, and they were usually in a higher class. In The Canterbury Tales, the color of clothes is mostly dark colors including Monks, but Restoration period uses brighter colors which remind me enlighten and party peoples.

There are some similarities as well. In The Canterbury tales and She Stoops to Conquer, people like to show off how much rich they are.

The women, they had to wear nice fancy clothes, and they had to wear recent stylish clothes to show their beauty and wealth. They had to wear these fancy clothes, because it also represented their social status. In these periods class was noticeable by their clothes. Maybe wearing a good cloth is influenced by their culture. I've seen some history books and I saw some Old Europeans wearing really nice clothes. No matter how old they are, people wore really nice clothes. Mrs. Hardcastle she was an old lady but she dressed richly to show her wealth. The Wife of Bath from The Canterbury Tales is similar to Mrs. Hardcastle. They like to wear fancy clothes and it seems like they likes to show off their wealth. The women desired these clothes very much. In line 50...