Eating Disorders

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Throughout history a woman was as a desirable when her body was thick due to the excess fat deposits around the breast, hips, thighs, and stomach. It was a fashionable trend to be fat. The cultural belief and society acceptance that fat was attractive due to the lack of food supplies. A full figured woman body indicated that the husband was prudent, efficient, and affluent. It also hinted that the woman had a sufficient amount of energy stored in the form of food in her fat to protect her love one's and to protect herself.

As time has changed- a woman's appearance has also changed. More desirable is the slim and fruitful woman. Models, media, advertising, beauty pageant winners, magazines, and celebrities have noted this change. The problem with this is that these women are so thin, that to reach this level of thin, most girls would have to alter their eating habits so dramatically that it can change their growth pattern, interrupt the menstrual cycle, and cause death.

In today's society a woman concentrates significantly more on her appearance then in the past. This is due to the propaganda thrown at women from a young age. For instance little girls are given Barbie dolls to play with, which in reality is the perfect body image of a woman which can be difficult to obtain since they are not made of plastic parts. A large percentage of girls in four through six grades have tried or considered dieting. Half of these junior high school girls consider themselves overweight; these girls are still growing and starving their body of nutrition which can cause damage for the rest of their lives.

Due to the long damaging effects of an Eating disorder it is a must that it is diagnosed right away before...