Economic Literacy; Economy After War

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One can only assume that war could result in great effects toward a certain part of the world's economy, some good and some bad. Although many people would like to avoid war and look for other alternatives, which is not always a possibility. War should be looked at as a last resort between two parties trying to solve a dispute because there is always a chance that it can spiral out of control and dramatically change the worlds economy. Unfortunately, you can't always avoid it and sometimes it must be enforced in order to get what you "want." There are several advantages and disadvantages about war: money gained, governments in debt, and economy slowed down.

Since people don't evaluate war as a positive thing, many of them won't take into consideration, the advantages that may come with war. For example, there will

always be several manufacturing companies that will benefit from it.

Those companies consist of people who make supplies and clothing for the soldiers and those who produce mass destructive weapons. Each one of those companies will make millions and millions of dollars off of the war.

Additionally, war means that the government will suffer from a large amount of debt and the economy will go into recession. There is simply not enough money to pay

to restore our economy each time there is a war. Soldiers must be paid for fighting, damaged property has to be paid as well as new and worn equipment that is used. The government does not have the money to keep on distributing to fix our damaged economy.

In times of uncertainty, people stop spending money and the economy slows down. Nobody wants to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars when all it will do is facilitate...