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Edgar Allan Poe

"Edgar Allan Poe was a famous American poet, short story writer, journalist, and literary critic who lived from 1809-1849. He was born in Boston on January 19th, 1809 and was orphaned at an early age, after which he was sent to live with a foster family (The Allans) in Richmond. He was never officially adopted by the Allans and he was eventually disowned by the family. Poe won a short story contest in 1833, and two years later became a literary critic for the magazine (The Southern Literary Messenger). Shortly after, he then married his 13-year-old cousin, Virginia in 1836. He became nationally famous upon the publication of his poem (The Raven) in 1845. His life was marred by infrequent but intense drinking bouts which gave him a bad reputation. However, he continued to produce excellent short stories (Murders in the Rue Morgue, The Gold Bug) which brought him acclaim in America, England, and especially in France.

Many of Poe's stories take place in Paris. (The French poet Baudelaire translated many of Poe's works). Unfortunately, after the death of Poe's wife (1847), he fell apart and died two years later on October 7, 1849. Poe's controversial life and reputation have earned him the following comments no less: With the aid of his psychological stories, critics have proclaimed him necrophilic, dipsomanic, paranoid, impotent, neurotic, oversexed, a habitual taker of drugs, until all that is left in the public eye is an unstable creature sitting gloomily in a dim room, the raven over the door, the bottle on the table, the opium in the pipe, scribbling mad verses."

Edgar Allan Poe was not fortunate with women. Women are the most beautiful creature's in the world. They should be honor, respected, and loved. In Edgar Allan Poe's case he loved women, but had a problem with keeping them for a long period of time. At the age of three he lost his mother, the only thing he kept that reminded him of his mother was a small self portrait of her. Edgar Allan Poe was sent to live with a foster family, the Allan family. Edgar Allan Poe bond with his new mother he cared for her, she gave Edgar Allan Poe all her love. When Edgar Allan Poe was fifteen years old his mother died. She died from a disease named Tuberculosis. Since he didn't get along with his father he left his house. He went back to Boston were he was born, once he was there he wrote a book, then later he got it published. He became famous, he loved it. At the age of twenty-six he married his half-cousin Virginia, she was nearly thirteen years old. Edgar Allan Poe life couldn't been better right? Wrong, one day while his wife was performing she coughed a small amount of blood, at that point Edgar Allan Poe knew exactly what was going on he was going to lose her. His wife became ill, so ill that some times she couldn't walk to the dining room. She recovered but became ill again, this time never recovering. She died on 1847 from the disease Tuberculosis. Edgar Allan Poe couldn't live without his wife, he started drinking and was found dead on October 7, 1849.