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Editor's Note The excitement in the offices of Panty Raid has been unbelievable over the past few days, and the energy level has been incredible over the last few hours. As we cautiously await the reaction of the public to this fabulous new magazine, the intensity is rising! We are extraordinarily proud of what we have accomplished as a team and we hope you will see the love and harmony this magazine puts forth.

This is the very first issue of Panty Raid, and I hope it is an unforgettable one. Panty Raid has been highly anticipated for a time long overdue, it's about time a magazine of this caliber was published. Panty Raid is like no other magazine in the sense that it isn't all about dating tips, finding the right date, quizzes on if you should date. In fact there is nothing in this magazine about dating! Or even about the opposite sex! This magazine has been greatly acclaimed by critics and reviewers as well.

The general theme is that women embody power. This theme has often been discussed but never really taken over as a project. So, this is our mission: to make a magazine that lets girls and women feel powerful. In the future we aspire to explore ways to make life more pleasurable, anything from yoga and meditation to facials and pedicures.

Panty Raid is about making your life great for you. This publication exposes all sorts of topics; fashion, fitness, travel, music, books, major world issues, and so much more.

One of the regular features we are most fond of is our "A Star Discovery" article. This piece meets with an outstanding woman/girl in their field. Each issue will introduce a new star, and then updates will be given on her more current achievements.

Panty Raid probably sounds like a feminist, anti-man type of magazine, but in reality the fact is we love men! As a Hindu philosopher once said "If you are masculine, explore your feminine side, if you are feminine, never change" this excerpt has been one of the magazines most influential incentives.

Panty Raid is about independence, freedom, and empowering yourself without the aide of a man. It's about time, isn't it? Enjoy, Chief Editor