Electricity is killing us softly

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Electricity is … killing us softly

The human race does not simply depend on electricity instead, they live by it. People wake up using alarm clocks, some brush their teeth using an electric tooth brush, and many make their coffee in a coffee machine. They proceed by wearing their machine-cleaned clothes, while they listen to music on various devices, and then continue to pollute the earth while driving their manufactured cars. What if one day space Katrina flares, which NASA has warned us about, hit and destroyed satellite systems and power grids around the world? What do you think will happen if the supply that feeds most of the technology on earth gets demolished? This question can be answered with one word; Chaos. If a massive tragedy like this happens, no one will stop to think of the positive outcomes that they had gained. Surprisingly, there are some interesting advantages such as; the interpersonal communication between people will restore, the environment will benefit in certain ways, as well as the life span of the human race will improve.

First, a life with no power grids will improve the interpersonal communication skills between people. Nowadays, humans speak through screens of mobiles, smartphones, and laptops, such as BlackBerrys, IPhones, and I Pads instead of writing letters or indulging in conversations like before. Consequently, slowly making humans lose their skills of verbal communication. For example, a kid who is used to being behind computer screens all the time lacks the skills to communicate or socialize with people face to face. However, if compared to the past generation, like our mothers and fathers, they communicate fluently with people. In contrast, if space Katrina flares were to knock down power grids all over the world, the human race should seize the...