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Elizabeth I

Elizabeth I by Jacob Abbott is the biographical account of Queen Elizabeth I. The story follows the birth, childhood, reign, and death of England's beloved Virgin Queen.

King Henry VIII of England is known best for his six wives (three Catherines, two Annes, and a Jane), the most famous of all being his second wife, Anne Boleyn. Henry married Anne before his marriage with Catherine of Aragon, with whom he had one daughter, Mary, was officially annulled. On September 7, 1533, Anne gave birth to a daughter, Princess Elizabeth. Though she was spoiled terribly as a baby, Henry was disappointed that she was not a son. After that, his marriage with Anne quickly went downhill, and he had a growing interest in the younger and more beautiful Jane Seymour. In 1536, he falsely accused Anne of committing adultery, and had her beheaded on May 19. When she was tried, only about half of the king's jury was there, and it is said that he only invited those he knew would not vote in her favor.

Henry married Jane Seymour on May 30, only eleven days after Anne was beheaded. On October 12, 1537, Henry finally was given his first son, Edward. Jane died a few days later. While many parties welcomed Prince Edward VI, the heir to the throne, four-year-old Elizabeth was left with only her servants at Hatfield, where she called herself the "forgotten princess". For years she was exiled there, where she often ran out of food or had to wear clothes that were too little for her. She was only called to court two or three times a year. During this time Henry married Anne of Cleves, the daughter of Germany's Duke of Cleves, but had the marriage annulled after six months saying that it...