Elizabeth [pride and Prejudice by jane Austen]is a modern female in and early 19th century world. Discuss

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Elizabeth is a modern female in and early 19th century world. Discuss

Elizabeth's astute perceptions of her surroundings reveal a quality in her that was is quite different from her sisters and shows a level of observation and wit that was not to be expected of women of the Regency era.

From the opening scene, Simon Langton presents Elizabeth as a free spirited young woman, as we see her running down a country path. Women of the era were expected to walk not run, and Lizzy's disregard for that convention reveals her independent nature. This introduction to her character shows that she does not hold herself within all of society's boundaries.

Her ability to astutely observe and criticise the ways of thinking of her time, is established in her opening lines, 'a single man of large fortune must be in want of a wife'. Here, Lizzy has taken of the role of ironic narrator from Jane Austen's novel, and her opening line of the film is also the famous opening of the novel.

Lizzy's criticisms of society's attitudes and values are expressed through such witty comments.

Lizzy's calm, controlled nature provides a stark contrast to the behaviour of her sisters, and indeed her mother's.

Taking one of her many walks, there is a point of view shot as Lizzy observes a flock of birds. This is symbolic of Lizzy's relatively independent lifestyle. It represents her care-free nature, and is an emphasis on her autonomy and independence.

Lizzy declares that 'only the deepest love shall move me into matrimony'. The greatest example of her independence, in terms of matrimony, is when she refuses Darcy. Charlotte remarks that 'you would be as simpleton indeed if you let your fancy for Wickham slight a man ten times his worth'. In refusing Darcy...