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I lived during the Elizabethan period in England. This style of living occurred between the Gothic and Renaissance periods and reached it's peak in the late 1500's when I was in my mid thirties. This period or way of living originated from Elizabeth the first who ruled England and Ireland from 1558-1603 and was the daughter of Henry VIII, king of England, and of his second wife, Anne Boleyn. At the death of Mary in 1558, Elizabeth became queen, beginning one of the greatest reigns in English history. At the time of Elizabeth's accession, England's economy was shattered, the country was torn by religious conflicts between the many warring religions, was economically insecure, and was involved in a bloody war with France. The war with France was disastrous costing large sums of money and the lives of many young soldiers. The Queen though settled the religious war and the war with France concluded with a treaty signed in 1559.

Although faced with these problems Queen Elizabeth increased education, and slowly rebuilt England's economy and brought stability to the weak nation.

This period brought many changes to England, not only economically but also brought changes to the daily lives of all citizens. Society was introduced to many new customs and methods of running daily life and this contributed to all people of England. My daily life was changed but this new period under our Queen Elizabeth was very rewarding for our nation. I would always do my drinking in a tavern or my local alehouse, usually just down the road. I would often gamble, usually playing dicing with a few of my friends, a simple game using just dice. Gambling with cards was also very popular and tennis is played indoors, sometimes for high stakes. Another approved location is the local...