Embryonic Stem Cell Research.

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Embryonic Stem Cell Research Embryonic stem cell research is a major controversial issue that is, in fact, "one of the most profound of our time" ("Bush Announces Position on Stem Cell Research"). Technology seemingly never stops growing and changing. And why should it? Just as every human being changes with experience and age, so then do our creations. Unfortunately, it is in our collective nature as humans to be afraid of change. Change inevitably raises moral questions within us, removing us from the simplistic routine of daily life and placing us in the uncomfortable realm of controversy. Such is the case with embryonic stem cell research. Four sources where examined to give further understanding to the issue of embryonic stem cell research and the morality of the issue. After researching the sources I feel that embryonic stem cell research is moral because science has the potential to treat and cure many human diseases, as well as develop a more advanced and safe way of handling the embryo.

After researching an article on ASU libraries EBSCO database research, a magazine article subjected, "Embryonic stem cells: The end doesn't justify the means," was examined. This source went into deep portrayal of the promise of treating many diseases held by stem cell research, and it says that it can never justify the destruction of human life in the process. The author, Jacqueline Lee does not support stem cell research but tries to explain that the reasons people support it are all the wrong reasons. She starts her article out with a very blunt, but profound and meaningful, "watching someone you love turn to stone before your eyes can definitely affect your perspective on the embryonic stem-cell research debate." She understands that this is the ideal approach most people would take in making a...