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Lightning strikes, tornadoes destroy, rain floods, and earthquakes crumble. These are some of the disastrous, yet beautiful qualities of nature. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "nature never wears a mean appearance" (Nature 346). In saying this, Emerson was describing his philosophy how nature never hurts people intentionally, and this is just one of the many philosophies that Emerson had. The fact that God's true intention for nature is to provide us with beauty and not pain is the truth. The experience I had at the beach also enabled me to prove to myself that this quote is reliable and correct.

Throughout his life, Emerson had many brilliant philosophies about nature and philosophies about potentials and peace. Some of his other philosophies were that the potentials of students are found through imagination and humanity, and that "nothing can bring you peace but yourself" (Lauter 1558). These philosophies I feel are still a part of my life today.

The imaginations of students like myself are key in finding success. If we cannot imagine the possibilities of success, then how can we achieve? The idea that peace can only be acquired by ones self is also a cogent aspect of my life. I cannot rely on another person or object to make my life tranquil. This peace and harmony must be acquired by myself

In the experience I had meditating at the beach, I found that nature's beauty smothers the few harmful things it has to offer. The peacefulness and serenity of a steady cool breeze, while under the shade of a native dune shrub, is what immobilizes ones worries, and transforms them into bliss. This is exactly what I experienced in doing my meditation and I have discovered that nature never does wear a grimace. The philosophies and concerns of Emerson are...