Empowerment In The Industrial Environment After The Treaty Of The European Union

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The Treaty of the European Union changed completely the situation of the industrial environment in terms of empowerment. Some of the activities that the Community took, were the strengthening of the competitiveness of the European industry and founding, application and promotion of new methods of research and technological development. The member's states industrial policies will not change and be replaced by the Community's industrial policies, and each member state will consult each other, and the Commission will undertake an advisory role. Also, it can initiate competition among the European countries, and the basis for the development of a common industrial policy will be set on market-oriented principles, which are the following:

·speed up the adjustment of industry to structural changes.

·encourage a favorable environment for development initiation through the Community, mostly small and middle-sized undertakings.

·encourage an environment favorable to cooperation between undertakings.

·better exploitation of the industrial potential of policies of innovation, research and technological development.

According to the provisions of the Treaty, the Commission will make an effort to achieve the above objectives through the policies and activities it pursues. The Council under the right of unanimity, is able to take decisions concerning specific measures to support the actions about the industrial policies of the member states. Non interventionists though, discourage the involvement of the Community in industrial matters, by raising the argument that now the Community to be active about the fundamental resolution to form an economic constitution which will encourage the existence of free markets and undistracted competition.

In 1983, was introduced the European Strategic Program for Research and Development (R&D) in Information and Technology, which brought along companies and research centers across Europe, and the European Union set two objectives in a formal manner: these were the strengthening of scientific and technological bases for the...