Encouraging the Voting Way of Life

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American families today are busy. They have to attend to their long hours at work, children's' school activities, running errands, and somehow spend quality time at home with their family. Most already have a set schedule of when and how they deal with the daily activities. These people find it hard to fit the requirements of voting into their already busy schedules. The whole process of obtaining enough information to cast a good vote is too time consuming. Young adults are just not interested enough, we need to give them the information instead expecting them to look it up. In order to increase the voter turnout rate, I believe we should accommodate to the new generation of voters in giving them more options of accessing the issues and also more ways to vote.

The substantial amount of people who do vote are retired, or somehow have time to watch C-SPAN and look up the candidates and the issues they are fighting for.

What about the new generation of voters out there, the ones that are more interested in watching prime time television shows or any show that happens to be on when they have a moment to relax?

Youth voter turnout among citizens varies substantially across states, in both the 1998 Midterm election, and the 2000 Presidential election, and is consistently lower than voter turnout rates of adults twenty-five and older. Voter turnout rates have generally declined in midterm election years between 1978 and 1998 by six percentage points among young citizens between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four. In Presidential election years between 1972 and 2000, the national youth voter turnout rate has declined by thirteen percentage points among young citizens. (CIRCLE)

CIRCLE is an organization at the University of Maryland that promotes the research on the civic and...