Endangered Species

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The world has been made up of many various types of organisms since the beginning of time. Humans have risen up to become the top species on the food chain through evolution. However with great knowledge comes great responsibility. We have been the sole cause of the extinction of many types of plants and animals. A large number are presently close to the same fate. There are vital steps that should be taken to ensure the repopulation of the worlds endangered species such as; preservation of natural habitats, control introduced species, and enforce strict laws against any who violate the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

Many indigenous species of plants and animals have very specialized needs in the habitats they live in. Suburban expansion is supposed to be a way for humans to feel closer to nature. We believe that if we build up an area, the animals that lived there will move somewhere else and be able to survive.

This however is not true. Animals have specific needs that are necessary to maintain there existence. There may be another area suitable for them but since this is true most likely, the area is already occupied. Also, the destruction of natural plant life may be removing the sole source of a species diet. In turn if you remove natural plant supply from one species, the smaller animals cannot survive, this leads to predatory animals losing their source of food as well. If we try to reintroduce these endangered species through captive breeding programs, it would be a significant waste of resources due to the lack of natural habitats for these animals to go back to. Research and studies should be performed before any expansion projects begin.

The introduction of non-native or exotic species of animals negatively affects our environment and the...