Is the english civil war a war of religion

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Is the English Civil War a war of religion?

The English Civil war started in 1642. It was an infamous war that brutally ripped families apart and placed them in one group or another, depending on their political agenda they either stayed loyal to the crown and became royalists or joined the revolution and became parliamentarians. The war dragged on over four long years and is estimated that it cost 180,000 people their life. There was many different reasons for the war and tensions between Charles that had built up since he had first came to the throne in 1625. Religious elements such as Parliaments beliefs that Henrietta Maria was a catholic and was forcing her beliefs upon Charles, which influenced his decision-making. In addition to this there was Economic factors such as parliaments reluctance to pay Charles 'Tonnage and Poundage' annually, something that had not been an issue with any other monarch.

England also faced political crisis due to Charles belief in 'divine right' this allowed him to dissolve and call parliament as he pleased. This topped off with the military disasters such as the failed Cadiz expedition of 1625 meant that tensions between Charles and Parliament grew tense and uneasy and seemed that a conflict was inevitable. However to suggest that the war was based purely on Religious factors would be naïve, however it was an important factor on the break up of relations therefore this essay will attempt to show how significant religion was in the break down in relations between Crown and Parliament.

Religious factors Henrietta Maria for the simple fact that she was a French Catholic and in the revisionist historian David Sharps England in crisis, 1640-60 he describes Henrietta and parliament's relationship as 'hateful'. This made parliament believe that Charles was linked to the...