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To what extend does awareness of English-speaking countries cultures how Vietnamese learn English as a second language?

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Human civilization has come a long way since we first stood on two feet. We continue to develop new technologies, discover findings in sciences and communication separates us from other species as we are able to exchange information that opens up more opportunities for more progression. Regarded as the international language, many students are putting effort into learning English. "However, beyond space, time and causality, patterns in language have been shown to shape many other domains of thought.

Hence, bilingual people switch from one language to another, they start thinking differently, too." Because there is a strong link between a language and a culture, I will investigate to what extend does awareness of English-speaking countries cultures, affect how Vietnamese learn English as a second language?

Background research:

Language is crucial in communicating ideas, notions and discoveries and so it is momentous in terms of aiding humans in the quest for knowledge. It is often held that the function of language is to express thought and to communicate information. Language also fulfills many other tasks such as greeting people, conducting religious services etc and so it is obvious that language is the primary vehicle of communication. It is an obvious fact that the role of language is really significant in all of our lives, in my life. I obtain a large amount of...