Environmental Science Worksheet

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Environmental Science Worksheet

For this work of Environmental Science, we will be answering some questions about environmental problems and their solutions. We will include a summary about the environmental movement's history. A comparison about logistic growth curve and the exponential growth and, what promotes, constrains and, how may this apply to the human population growth. Compare predictions for human population growth in developing countries versus developed countries, why is difficult to predict and what happened if human exponential growth. Finally how principles of system theory apply to the Earth as a living system, and explain interactions between humans and natural ecosystems.

By 1960, the word ecology, and the environment were not very common among people. As the years passed, they were going a number of environmental disasters like oil spills at sea, threatening the extinction of many species, including whales, birds and, other animals. These events aroused the concern of many people in general, to draw public attention to environmental disasters occurring.

In principle were clashes between the so-called "Environmentalists" and so-called "Anti-environmentalists". For ecologists and social economic development meant the destruction of the environment and ultimately the end of civilization, the extinction of many species, and perhaps the extinction of humans (Botkin & Keller, 2011). They thought the solution was a new worldwide that depended only secondarily on the facts, understanding, and science. On the other hand "Anti-environmentalists" believe that environmental, social health, and economic progress be need to thrive. Today the situation has changed, there is no need to prove that environmental problems are severe, it is time to seek rational and lasting solutions to solve them.

The population increases or decreases, depending on the factors that may affect directly or indirectly. Exponential growth is an important class of feedback. When the change is exponential increases or decreases...