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The creators of this wonderful site are three fathers of children with epilepsy and the physician of those three youngsters. The doctor is a prominent researcher and clinician in the field. The point of contact for the creators of the site is EpilepsyCure@aol.com. The philosophy of the site is to promote widespread knowledge of the fight against epilepsy, methods of controlling seizures, research into epilepsy, research funding and the creation of philanthropic support to augment new treatment for the disease.

The sites creators and backers are, first and foremost, the parents of epileptic children. They have been able to create a partnership with well known scientists and physicians who are professors of neurology, neurosurgery, pharmacology as well as directors of many centers for epilepsy across the nation. These men and women are the backbone of the site's scientific advisory board. As to a bias set of beliefs on the part of the site's creators, I can only state that their sights are set solely on making advances for the cause of the treatment of epilepsy.

The site is extremely easy to navigate, simple and pleasant to the eye, and contains a wealth of information about its goals and reason for existence. It also provides up to the minute information on the fight against epilepsy for those in need of it. The data is designed for those who have a basic as well as advanced insight into epilepsy. I recommend this site highly to adults and young children.

If I were able to change something on this site it would be the use of more vibrant colors. The colors are soft and pleasing to the eye. However, I think I would use bolder shades to highlight some of the areas to click on to navigate the site.