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Within a company dealing with a conflict is not only a normal thing, but also a very difficult one. It is very important that a company work together and as one team. Many times not Seeing Eye to eye with one another is what causes many problems. There are also situations that sometimes arise that are necessarily problems caused by the company but within the company. My choice for this paper will be the guidance and mentoring that an Equal Opportunity representative of the Army offers its soldiers. Equal Opportunity Representative (EO) provides legal assistance at a company level that can go higher if not dealt with properly. They serve as mediators, which is where the Alternate dispute resolution arises. They offer a form of alternate dispute and deal with situations very similar.

Alternate dispute resolution (ADR) has given companies the power to deal with problems in a much more discrete manner.

Very often the disputes are also handled in a very timely manner. This resolution offers informal dispute resolutions. Some time ago Alternate dispute was handled a little differently, now they offer a wider variety of disputes.

The Army has soldiers that other soldiers can contact if there is a problem that needs to me handled. They serve as a mediator on a very low level, of course if the problem is too much for them to handle then the situation is sent to a higher level. EO stands for equal opportunity what the army has implemented within their units to assists soldiers with certain legal matters. The units appoint a person, which is known as the equal opportunity representative to deal with certain matters. They go through an extensive training before they can be ready to go out and do their job. The appointed soldiers are usually of...