Equate the Security rules and regulations pertaining a foreign air carrier

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Equate the security rules and regulations pertaining to a foreign air carrier entering a US airport to a US carrier entering a foreign airport using the ICAO rules.

Foreign air carrier entering a United State airport must follow Federal Aviation Administration's regulation and security rules and when a United State carrier entering a foreign airport, they follow International Civil Aviation Organization's security rules and regulation. Each foreign airport has its own custom regulations and each carrier is responsible for providing the right documentation for the passenger and the crew. They must comply with the rules and regulation at the foreign airport.

According to Federal Aviation Administration (2013), the rules of United State airspace is set by the Federal Aviation Regulations, the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense. All civil, private aircraft entering United States must first land at an airport of entry before continuing to their destination.

The airport of entry will be designated by the Custom and Border Control. Except for emergency landing or forced landing, the foreign aircrafts are assigned to land at designated airport. Notification must be filed electronically to Custom and Border Control with expected arrival time.

According to Part 122 Air Commerce Regulation (2014), permission to land at United States' airport may be denied to a commercial aircraft if Custom and Border Control did not receive advance electronic information for incoming foreign cargo aboard the aircraft.

According to International Civil Aviation Organization (2013), all countries require some kind of advance notification of arrival. Simply filing a flight plan meets the requirement, but some might require specific written notification many days before the flight. The International Civil Aviation Organization Amendment No.1 is the flight plan required by all carriers entering foreign country. When entering or leaving US, aircraft need to file an...