This essay is about the "beast" in the "Lord of the Flies". It tells about what the beast is and what it is not.

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What is the Beast?According to, a beast is defined as any nonhuman animal, esp. a large, four-footed mammal. In the Lord of the Flies, the beast is very important. At first, the island is going great. Their only problem is trying to figure out how to get off of the island. When the boy with the mulberry colored birthmark mentions the beast, the immediate reaction from the “bigguns” is laughter. The beast then goes on to destroy the boy’s civilization and is accountable for two deaths. The beast can be viewed upon as a nonhuman animal, or it can be viewed as the fear and evil inside of us. The beast is evil, is not order, and can be compared to the Lord of the Flies.

The beast is evil in the Lord of the Flies because it takes over many of the people and places that evil in the center of them.

The boys could have thought clearly and reasonably if they would not have let that fear control them. They boys become overtaken by the desire to have power and always have to have more. A simple example of the beast at work is a murderer. Imagine a man who has a wife and three kids and his life is going great. One day he goes into work and his boss calls him in. They chat for a while and the boss comes out with the real reason that he is here. They are making some cutbacks and he is one of the losses. He apologizes very affectionately but the man believes that it is his fault. He goes home and he has an ambition to get back the man that cost him his job. So he goes to his bosses’ house that night...