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Capital punishment is an issue, which is still largely talked about even

after it has been banned in Canada. The death penalty is a cruel form of

punishment and should be abolished in the United States of America as it has

been in Canada. (Lamourie, 10) There are many ways in which to explain how

the death penalty came to be and what methods are used in order to attempt

this bloodthirsty way to kill a person. To this are, two sides to the story.

The pros and the cons. By understanding how the death penalty came to be,

through its history.

The earliest historical history records that capital punishment has been

recorded is in the Code of Hammurabi in 1750 BC. In this time of 1750 BC,

about three hundred different crimes were recorded ranging from murder to

rape. (Bedau, 3) The death penalty was abolished in Canada in the year of

1976. The last person to be put on death row in Canada was in 1962. Capital

punishment is still performed all over the United States of America. Such

places are Texas, Florida, Utah, Ohio, New York, Kansas, Virginia, and

Arizona. The cold-blooded way to perform these deaths is done by many

specific methods.

As we go forth into the future, the list of methods to kill people will

become larger but there are seven main ways of killing the convicted.

Hanging is one. If conducted properly, the neck will break. To this method

death comes quickly. The electric chair is when a convict is strapped into a

chair and an electric current is passed through its body. The exact time of

death is unknown but four to ten minutes is reasonable. Firing squad is the

most disgusting of them all. It is when several marksmen shoot...