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We are living in the era of technology, due to this, science is improving very fast. Science has a lot of branches and most of them are affected by this technology. Genetic engineering is one of them. It is very popular nowadays. The main aim of it is to make better animal and plant species for the benefits of human being and to cure illness genetically. Cloning is the one of the ways that brings genetic engineering to its aim. Cloning, means to copy living things by using their DNA's. Scientists conducted a lot of cloning experiments on plants and animals. Nowadays they want to clone human beings, for some useful purposes, but there are some ethical restrictions in front of human cloning.

Most of the scientists want to use cloning for useful purposes. Firstly scientists want to cure illnesses by using cloning. There are several methods of curing illnesses by cloning.

One of them is copying organs and replacing sick organs with the copied ones. The name of this is "therapeutic cloning". "In this method stem cells are removed from the embryo with the intent of producing tissue or a whole organ for transplant back into the person who supplied the DNA" ( By this method sick people can find suitable organs without waiting. Second way is to copy a whole person and getting some parts of it for curing the person who supplied the DNA. For example "the parents of a terminally ill child are told that only a bone marrow transplant can save the child's life. With no other donor available, the parents attempt to clone a human being from the cells of the dying child. If successful, the new child will be a perfect match for bone marrow transplant, and can...