An essay on Hinduism and Buddhism religions together.

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There are many religions through out the world, and time. Two of these religions are Hinduism, and Buddhism. Both religions originated from India and are both still practiced to this day.

Hinduism started in about 3,000 B.C. and is a polytheistic religion, which about 80% of the Indian population believes in today. Not one-person created it; it was created over generations of people as a way to answer the questions they had on life and death, and how to act to others. Their gods are Brahma, which is the creator of all, Shiva the destroyer, and Vishnu the preserver of life. They also believe in reincarnation which is were they die and come back to life as another person in their body, and karma were if the act bad in one life they will be reincarnated as a lower life form and if they act good in their life they can move up into a higher form.

Their books are Vedas and Upanishads. Upanishads is about how one should act in life and the Vedas is a bunch of prayers and stories about their gods and nature. The Hindu practices are prayer at a temple, to follow the cast system, social stratification, and discrimination of lower life forms, expressing religious belief in the practice of art, and non-violence.

Sidhartha Gautama or Buddha founded Buddhism. He believed the people should have no earthly desires to live a good life-end of suffering. They believe that to have inner enlightenment or nirvana one must do the right speech, action, views, intentions, livelihood, effort, concentration, and mindfulness. To reach nirvana may take many lives but anyone can reach nirvana. The Buddhist practices are meditation, non-violence, and to pray to Buddha. There are also two different beliefs inside of Buddhism one is Mahayana...